Our CBD Partnership

Shi Farms - A Sustainable Colorado Hemp Farm
Not all CBD is created equally! We've partnered with Shi Farms for all of the CBD ( cannabidiol ) used in our products. 
Shi Farms - Colorado Hemp Farm
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Shi Farms is a licensed Hemp Cultivation Operation under the Colorado Department of Agriculture, proudly located in Pueblo, Colorado. Our dedicated, nine-employee team operates our 300-acre farm and 35,000 square feet of greenhouses. We grow hemp and extract high-quality CBD distillate and isolate products.  We are more than just a farm, we have a bigger job to do. Shi Farms believes that the future of hemp as a revolutionary crop relies not only on the downstream products we can create, but equally on the example we can set for global agriculture and other industries regarding sustainable environmental and business practices. Our mission over the next few years is to incorporate sustainable cultivation and processing techniques to build an example we and the industry can be proud of.